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Please help a mission in honour of a beautiful soul.

Just a few hours ago, my family suffered a devastating loss.

In memory of my sister, we would like that people donate and share this gofundme acct for the mission where she worked.

She is a bright, beautiful, wonderful soul. Please help, or share as you can and she truly lived this sentiment every day of her life: Life is for loving, love is for giving

Her message:

ATTENTION: Have you ever mowed a lawn to get enough for a pair of shoes? Or to save for a trip? You ever did extra chores for a little allowance from your parents? Well…let me tell ya:
We were meant to be in school till December when suddenly the Gov. changed its mind and closed with 1 week notice. 30 of our students chose to stay with us to help do some maintenance, construction and general repairs around campus. That way when it’s time to get their school bag, uniform shirt and pens…they won’t have to beg their parents. Plus, they get to learn and use the trade they are learning at the mission for the benefit of everyone…each of our students learns construction, tailoring or welding.
We’ve got animals, a lot of animals. Our cows have been escaping to the community, causing a littttle disturbance. Our kids are building a new cow shelter and re-building a fence. They’re also planting a new type of grass to keep their bellies satisfied.
Our security who currently sits under a tree or in the piggery when it’s raining…FEAR NOT. That’s right, we’re gonna build you a little booth! Drowned rat, no more!
Be part of something great.
Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. heart emoticon

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