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In My Kitchen – April 2017

Well, I didn’t quite make last month but I am excited to share my kitchen with you this month, although it isn’t hugely exciting. Can you believe Easter is only a week away? How did that happen? This time, I know the answer – I’ve had solid work since the end of January. Which is great! Even better, I’ve been cooking and experimenting a little more, thanks to doing Michael Moseley’s 8 week Blood Sugar Diet. Admittedly, not everything is Instagram worthy, nevermind actually sharing the recipe!

Anyhoo on to what’s in my kitchen:

In my kitchen is this Microplane Spiral Cutter. My sister has a Microplane grater which I love to use at her house so this really caught my eye. I’ve experimented a little but haven’t made anything at all interesting so far. I just love making spirals. I got a gift voucher at Christmas for one of the big departments stores in Dublin and so far this is what I’ve both. I’ve a bit left on the voucher and I hope to go back soon to browse the kitchen ware again.


Also in my kitchen is this lunch box which I can’t believe I haven’t featured before! My mom got me this in America when she went with my sisters and my sister’s family a few months ago – in fact it’s about 6 months ago. It’s great, especially since it’s collapsible. The lid also has a compartment for the spoon/fork.

Halloumi and aubergine are fast becoming two of my favourite ingredients. I love just tossing some halloumi in the frying pan with some spices and other ingredients to have a yummy bowl and I love eating these Aubergine Rarebits by themselves or as part of a salad (recipe coming soon…). The best thing about the Blood Sugar Diet has been the experimentation. 

On the diet I haven’t been eating carbs (being on 800 calories per day means it’s too hard to eat them!) but I’ve been reintroducing them occasionally. Although I don’t have any intolerances nor do I suffer from Coeliac disease but these BFree  wraps have been a life saver as they are much lower in calories than my usual wraps. I’ve also introduced Ryvita as each slice is only 41 calories.

So that’s it for my kitchen. Not very exciting I’m afraid. In My Kitchen is hosted by the lovely Liz from Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things Blog. Unfortunately, due to her every increasing schedule she is handing over the baton after this month. So, please head on over now to her blog to read up on all the other In My Kitchen entries and to follow the instructions for next month’s posts!

Thank you very much Liz, and to all our previous hosts for your wonderful attitudes and this delightful get together every month. Also, a huge thank you for always welcoming the increasingly forgetful me – somehow the 10th of the month rolls on before I even realise it!

Happy Easter, Everyone! x


  1. Maggie, what a treat to explore your kitchen and thoughts this month. Bravo to you for adhering to your 800 calorie/day diet! I’m sure I consume at least that amount in “mindless eating” — and quite possibly alcohol, lol — but I TRY to keep things in check. Didn’t know Microplane made a spiralizer! My late sister gave me a Microplane for grating whole nutmegs and it was one of my favorite “gadgets.” (It also worked great for zesting lemons, limes, etc.) Will have to look them up — a great company with tried & true implements. Keep it up, girl, xo. You’re doing GREAT!!!

    • Hi Kim, so good to hear from you! I hope you are well? I haven’t been so good thanks to all the Easter chocolate – my niece picked me out a white chocolate lamb which I’ve yet to eat but it’s the only thing that has survived. I promised to share it with her – hence the survival! Oh, what a lovely gift from your sister and I’m sure you remember her every time you use it. I think my sister may have that exact microplane – she’s the one who has gotten me hooked! Next sale….. Thanks Kim, for stopping by and see you soon (at the next IMK) xo

    • Well…I’ve been slipping lately – but getting a little better about being on track – all that chocolate at Easter!

  2. Slice Of Torch Ginger says

    Hi Maggie, The aubergine rarebits look delicious. I also agree that wheat and gluten free is better for overall wellbeing aside on cutting down calories – even for someone who’s not with Celiac disease. x

  3. Mae says

    You sound brave to be on such a restricted diet!

    best… mae at

  4. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says

    Thanks Maggie for the very kind shout out and your comments over on my blog. Happy April to you and happy cooking with all the good things in your kitchen.

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