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Creamy Vegan Lemon-Tahini Mushroom Ramen

When I was doing my vegan month, back in November, I reached out to some friends who were vegan, or who had been vegan in the past, to get some recommendations. My biggest cheerleader, supporter and encourager was my baby sister. Not only did she give me lots of advice for surviving the month, she also gave me some recipes or referred me to several blogs that had helpful, delicious and quick but healthy meals.

Kale and Chickpea Soup with Lemon – a Tribute to Selma

“Will I tell you the story of Johnny McGorry? “Yes” “Shall I begin it?” “Yes” “That’s all that’s in it.”  ~ My Dad For years, if we asked my dad for a story, he’d usually start out as above. Thankfully, he would end up telling us a story but never one about Johnny McGorry. Luckily for you, the story I am about to share is a bit longer than the tale of Johnny McGorry but has a sad middle and a cute ending. Shall I begin it? Once upon a time, there was a little boy, known to all as The Jam. One day, just this week, as he was going to his violin lesson, his Mammy gave him a beautiful red apple. Would you believe this apple was so delicious that it tasted even better than chocolate?  As they walked down the street, The Jam munching on his apple, the unthinkable happened: the apple slid out of his hands and fell with a thud to the ground. The Jam was devastated. All he wanted was to pick …

Easy Dressed Up Coriander/Cilantro Rice

Happy Christmas and all the blessing of the season for 2016.

First off, apologies for the delay in posting anything. To be honest, I’m still adjusting to life in Ireland and it’s hard to get used to managing my time properly. It’s very easy to watch a lot of Netflix and to spend hours upon hours reading. Thankfully, with Christmas here things are a little more busy and cooking-centric. However, any tips on time management and creating a proper blogging schedule would be HIGHLY appreciated. I feel as if I am wasting my year off instead of making the most of it.

Tomato, Orange and Lentil Soup

Soup is the song of the hearth…and the home. -Louis P. De Gouy Christmas is here! I am so excited! After all, December is one of my favourite months—Christmas and my birthday rolled into one glorious wintry month! So, in honour of both those great events I have dedicated this month to Christmas inspired food. First up, things have been insane lately: before Thanksgiving even hit Korea, I had been sick almost a week. Now, it’s over two weeks later and this cold is hanging on with its icy toes. It doesn’t help that the weather has completely changed over the last week or so. Before Thanksgiving, the weather was a bit cold, but mostly decent and you could do things like go for an 8k walk. Since the 1st December, though, snow has hit on average 5 days out of 7. It’s much colder and this hasn’t helped me to recover at all—despite mostly staying inside, wrapped in a blanket, with the ondol (floor heating) and space heater on full blast. To top it all off, …

Slightly Boozy Homemade Apple Cider

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple. – JK Rowling As much as I love spring and summer, there is just something enchanting about Autumn and Winter flavours, smells, colours and holidays. I love the look, taste, and smell of everything these two season have to offer: warm fragrant soups, pumpkin pies, apple tarts, oranges stuffed with cloves, hot minty chocolate, and hot apple cider — to mention just a few. The first time I ever had apple cider was at my first Thanksgiving in America as an adult (way back in 2001!). I was confused. I didn’t understand how it could be cider as there was no alcohol! Eventually I came to appreciate this kind of cider and now I really, really love all the flavours. Last year, for a tea night I decided I wanted to make American apple cider, however, most recipes I saw called for pre-made cider. I didn’t understand why, when surely you could just use apples to …