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Chorizo and Feta Egg Muffins

“These eggs are broken. Cracked.”
“Yes, ma’am. That happens sometimes.”
“Does it?”
“Yes, it’s the unfortunate part of being an egg.”

– Peter Hedges

I don’t exactly remember the first time I had chorizo but I know it was after I finished college and moved back to Ireland. The way I remember it was that my friend, Alberto, invited me to join him at a Spanish dinner party that was held in one of the hotels in Temple Bar. For a nominal sum, you could drink as much wine and eat as much manchego cheese, crusty bread and cured meats as your heart desired. It was so much fun and I made a lot of friends through these dinners as well as discovering a lot about Spanish food and culture.

Roasted Vegetables with Pesto Couscous and Fried Eggs

“This is every cook’s opinion – no savory dish without an onion, but lest your kissing should be spoiled your onions must be fully boiled.” Jonathan Swift First off…thank you so much to everyone who follows this blog or likes any of the posts. On Wednesday I reached 51 follows! So, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Also, a huge shout out to the 178 followers on FB – ye rock, too!  Now, on to this week’s recipe:   Generally, the week before I go on vacation I don’t really eat at home. Instead, I will get fried chicken, gimbap, or a sandwich from Paris Baguette. I always figured it made life easier. Well, I go on vacation on Monday for around 10 days and I decided that I would challenge myself to not be lazy and to try to eat in for most of the time during this week. The weekend is a mix of birthdays and farewells so I knew getting time to eat in would be tricky and I …

Sweet Potato, Spinach and Feta Scrambled Eggs

“And now leave me in peace for a bit! I don’t want to answer a string of questions while I am eating. I want to think!” “Good Heavens!” said Pippin. “At breakfast?” – JRR Tolkien After trying the amazing creamy scrambled eggs courtesy of Healthy Recipe Ecstasy, I was excited to try an idea that had been floating around my head since just before Christmas. In fact, I did try this on Christmas day but I knew that I need to work on the creaminess just a little bit. Fresh with my new knowledge, I set out to create scrambled eggs with sweet potato, spinach and feta. Man, I couldn’t get it right. I kept struggling particularly with the sweet potato. The method that Michelle used in her creamy scrambled eggs is replicated in these ones, so make sure to check out the last post. These scrambled eggs work best when you have a little time, so they are perfect for a lazy weekend or a stay-cation. Sweet Potato, Spinach and Feta Scrambled Eggs Serves …