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Banana and Coconut Ice Cream Cake

I love you ice cream, ice cream. I love ice cream. Ice cream, I love you. Yes, I do. Chocolate, cherries, bananas and berries. Honey baby, I love you.

– The Calendar Song, Busy Beavers

The above quote is taken from one of the ESL songs I use frequently in my classroom. This rather addicting song teaches days of the week and months of the year and is hugely popular with my students. It’s a dividing point amongst many of my teacher friends here with some, like me, who love the song and others who absolutely hate it. Either way, it’s an appropriate quote for today’s recipe as the subject of the recipe is an ice cream cake. I have only made this recipe once but it is super easy and just so good that I am super excited to share it with you! My friends who tried it all really liked it and some even went back for fourths. Be warned though, if you don’t like bananas, this recipe is not for you as they are included in each layer, except the biscuit base. So look away now! However, banana lovers, read on!

Decadently Delicious Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

Will looked horrified. ‘What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?’ – Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel. Back in July, my friend, Becky, who also edits for me, asked me to make my Chocolate Refrigerator Cake. This cake, which is scrumptious, is one of my favourite things to make both here in Korea and at home in Ireland. It’s decadently full of dark chocolate, shredded coconut and banana chips, and it’s packed to the brim with nuts and dried fruit. The first time I made it I used Usbourne’s Beginners Cookbook . It was for a Cake Bake that we used to host once a month, in my department, in my old company. It was a major success and many people asked for the recipe. When I made it here in Korea, I didn’t have that cookbook, so instead I relied on this BBC Good Food recipe instead for inspiration which, to be honest, I still use for some of the measurements in the chocolate mix. I don’t like apricots so instead I would substitute whatever other dried fruit …