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Leftover Butternut Squash and Potato Cakes

Leftovers are one of my favourite things about Thanksgiving and Christmas and a little like Ross from Friends, I have my favourite post-Thanksgiving sandwich. If you haven’t seen that episode, watch the clip below. It’s hilarious.

I actually have leftover butternut squash I was saving for today to make with the leftover potatoes from our celebration yesterday…only to find out we literally have only turkey, ham and a few pieces of dessert left to eat. That’s never happened before. We usually would have a bit of everything so you can have a mini-Thanksgiving dinner for your lunch the next day, if you so desired. Needless to say , like Ross, disappointed isn’t an understatement.

Easy Chocolate Orange Sauce

  Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive ~Joanne Harris There it lay, shattered and cracked. Its pieces were a quarter-inch thick. Its edges, curving upwards, indicated its once rounded shape. We stared at the lump-hammer that had caused this destruction for one moment of suspended silence. Then, we rushed forward and started stuffing pieces into our mouths. One year, a long, long time ago, my family received a gift of a giant Easter egg, possibly a Lir 0ne, if memory serves.  The egg was huge! According to my mam, maybe even as tall as 20 inches. Imagine! A chocolate Easter Egg TWENTY inches high. It was so thick that when we threw it on the ground we didn’t make a dint in it at all and, until my father smashed it to smithereens with his hammer, it remained impenetrable. To this day, I’ve never seen an Easter egg quite like it and, obviously, it made a huge impact on  my childhood memories. I don’t remember anything else about that …